The final hill, leading up to Red Lantern B&B, on Center Street, can be a bit daunting, especially after a long bike ride. There is an alternate route, with a less steep grade. Also, the Center Street Hill can be challenging for some riders when returning back to the Trail. Call or text with any questions. 814-442-6881

The simple route is at the bottom of the page.

Not all streets have street signs. Not all streets will be marked.

Alternate Directions From Trail Head to Red Lantern Bed & Breakfast-

-Turn on to Main St. from the Trail Head. 

-Make a Right coming from Pittsburgh, Make a Left coming from Cumberland.

-Continue on Main Street until Light Street by the train tracks.

-Make a Right onto Light Street at the train tracks.

-Continue on Light Street until a T intersection.

-At the T intersection, make a Left onto High Street.

-Continue on High Street to the railroad bridge.

-Cross the railroad bridge 

-The B&B is the next/first brown house after the bridge on the right.


-There is a sign on the Front Porch for Red Lantern Bed & Breakfast, red house numbers on the porch (301), and a red lantern hanging by the sidewalk. 

Red Lantern Bed & Breakfast, 301 High Street, Meyersdale, PA 15552


Alternate Directions From B&B to Trail Head-

-Make a left onto High Street (The B&B is on High Street).

-Continue down High Street to Light Street.

-Light Street is the second street to the right from RLB&B.

-Light Street will be on the right and has no street sign.

 For reference, Summit Street is marked and is across the street, on the left, from Light Street at the guardrails.

-Make a Right onto Light Street.

-Continue on Light Street to Main Street.

-Make a left before the railroad tracks onto Main Street.

-Continue on Main Street, up the hill.

-The Trail Head is at the top of the hill.

-Make sure to stop into the Trail Head, during business hours, check it out, and sign the guest book!


Simple route from Trail Head to Red Lantern Bed & Breakfast-

-From Trail Head, turn onto Main Street

-Continue down the hill on Main Street

-Stay on Main Street until Center Street Intersection (At the red light, the Library will be on your right).

-Turn right onto Center Street from Main Street

-Continue up the hill on Center Street

-At the stop sign on Center Street and intersection with High Street, stay straight.

-Continue straight on to Red Lantern Bed & Breakfast. (SS,Phillip and James Catholic Church is to the left, a railroad bridge to the right of the property).


Click on the link below for Google Maps.

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